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Head of Thai Teacher / Teacher of Thai Language and Culture Study
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1 อัตรา  
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Job Description Position: Head of Thai Teacher / Teacher of Thai Language and Culture Study Department: Academic Report to: Head of Academic via Head of Thai Teacher Main Job Roles and Responsibilities Duties & Responsibilities: - To teach Thai language and/or Thai Study, according to their educational needs, students assigned to him/her in the allocated classes. - To develop lesson plan and prepare each lesson and evaluate its outcomes. - To develop Thai Language and Culture curriculum according to the guidelines from MOE. - To set a high standard of expectations regarding students’ work, behavior and class membership in all lessons. - To ensure the quality of the educational classroom environment through effective organization of furniture, resources and display. - To assess students’ progress and achievement in accordance with arrangements and policies agreed within the school. - To monitor and report the progress of students in the allocated class-both verbal and written reports to the Head of Academic via Head of Thai Teacher before going to parents. - To prepare class report for the ONESQA (Sor Mor Sor) Quality Assurance/ Accreditation Visit. - To prepare school Self-Assessment Report (SAR) annually and Daily Report - To maintain the quality of the educational environment through care of classrooms, furniture, fittings and other resources - To work collaboratively with colleagues within the kindergarten and primary departments - To maintain an interest in, and overview of, educational developments, especially in relations to teaching and learning as well as interesting practice, in Thailand and elsewhere. - To do duties during breaks as assigned. - To monitor the implementation of the School Curriculum Thai Language and Culture requirements. - To coordinate special events and ceremonies to celebrate Thai Culture within the school community, etc. - To train new incoming teacher of Royce Royal International School - Other duties as assigned by the line manager Minimum educational qualification: • Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Art or Relatively in Educational field. •. Master in Education Management (A must) • Having Thai teaching license. • Minimum no. of years of teaching experience: 5 years. Other qualifications: • Female/Male • Good command in English and Thai • Be able to relate well with the students • Be able to relate well with the students and expat staff • Be able to plan and teach creatively in each class • Proactive and positive thinking • Knowledge of International School System
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สองศูนย์สองหนึ่ง-หนึ่งศูนย์-หนึ่งเก้าเวหนึ่งแปด:หนึ่งหนึ่ง:หนึ่งเจ็ดไอพีสามจุดสองหนึ่งสี่จุดสองสองสี่จุดสองศูนย์เจ็ด ร้านสคูลจ๊อบ 21567
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• สมัครผ่าน SchoolJob (สมัครงานตำแหน่งนี้)
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เลขที่ 111/433 ซอย หมู่บ้านงามเจริญ 5 ถนน อนามัยงามเจริญ  
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0959586878, 024057087
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